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Gobbler And Jake

This gobbler and a jake are looking for something, the gobbler for a hen and the jake , he’s just learning what to do!  These pics were taken from my kitchen window, but I had stepped back to not alarm the birds. You can see the trees and the field behind the birds.

The gobbler was struttin’ away, but then I snapped a better pic of the gobbler in full strut!

He’s got 1 inch spurs!
We had a 1.6 inch rain over the weekend, but I was in San Marcos with Bradley to go to Church there. We had a real good rain here in Goldthwaite, the tanks, rivers and lakes are filling up.  While I was in San Marcos they had a flood there and Randy was flooded out, he had to spend the night in his truck with Jeremy, because their tent leaked!  It was raining real good all over the State!


Gobblers, Trying to Make a Decision

Yesterday, I was treated to a real show! Two gobblers, on opposite sides of the fence, were trying to get on the other side, to fight the opposing gobbler.  I took these pictures with my camera, I had several more shots, but they weren’t worthy to depict this almost “fight”!  Their brain is walnut sized, considering they are alerted to movement, I snapped these within the house and they weren’t alerted.  You can see the back fence separating them.


Finally, they gave up and went about their way.  They could have just flown over the fence, but considering the size of their brain, they didn’t and just went on their way!


We hardly ever have crows come into feeders, but this one was worth it!  They are not bound to short flights, like turkey, but they can fly free, anywhere they want. These two crows came into the feeder by MaMaw’s blind and started feeding!

It’s times like this when you’re glad to have game cams and “shot” like this!

Gobblers And Bobcats

The one good thing about having game cams is that when you can’t be there, they continue clicking pics.  This pic shows a bobcat strolling by the feeder, strolling by, to get baby lambs or whatever it can find. Turkeys will be around the corner, eggs or young birds!

Turkey’s struttin’ are a pretty sight!  Gobbler’s, when they strut and “blow” up their feathers, are beautiful.  This one, below, is in, almost, full strut.


It’s unusual to get three gobblers together at one time, but unusual or not, these three sat still for a pic!  I could tell by the tail area that this one was a gobbler.


Outdoors Pictures

Knowing about this blog, a lot of folks send me some pretty neat wildlife pictures and I gather them up and post the most interesting. Some recent ones follow.
{Clayton Gist}, a Goldthwaite local, trapped two more Bobcats. That makes 4 he gotten this year. I’m sure he’s a favorite of the goat and sheep ranchers!
My Daughter, Suzanne, sent me this picture of a huge 30+ point buck taken in Wisconsin, supposedly, by a 14 year old Amish boy armed with a homemade longbow!

Dave Lazor, a softball buddy, sent me this picture of a 260 pound, mountain lion, that was hit by a car, west of Aspermont, in the middle of the Texas panhandle. I don’t know who the lucky ‘hunter’, or driver, is, but that’s some lion!

Randy Pfaff sent me this unusual picture of a big, white tail buck on ice in the middle of a river. Also this “shooter” snapped from his back porch.

More Outdoors Pictures,September 3, 2014

This fella’ is 4-1/2 years old and, I suppose he’ll get shot this year!  He’s only 9 points, (only) and definitely a “cull” buck, but I have “raised” him since he was a fawn. He was the buck that got the doe a bigger buck was following that I shot in 2012.  He was the one that was stirring up dust, challenging the big one to a fight, the big one is on the ground on the left of the picture and last he was the one rearing up on his hind legs and getting corn right out of the feeder, but he’ll get shot this year.
Last Thursday as I was walking out of the house, I looked up and four bucks were running across my neighbors field!  Each jumped the fence and crossed the road and came on to my property, but they were masked by the undergrowth and lost to me.  They w

It Was Nothing

A turkey gobbler stopped by the corner blind several days ago and happened to stop in front of the cactus patch, prickly pears, to be exact.  What was unusual was that the gobbler stopped right in front of the prickly pears and behind it, it looked like a monster or something, maybe a chupacabra, (they almost caught one in south Texas several months ago).

But, it wasn’t a monster or anything, just the prickly pears, but it does look like a chupacabra!  However, it was nothing.

More Outdoors Pictures, April 30, 2014

The turkey gobbler is still hanging around, I guess the hens have him kept him coming by.  His beard is dragging the ground in this “shot”.

Next, the turkey hen showed up after dark, she’s obviously nesting.  She is walking a tightrope coming by after dark, especially with the bobcat coming around!  The bobcat just missed the turkey in the previous “shots’ and bobcats seem to know when sheep, goats, turkeys, squirrels, rabbits and other varmints are nesting.
Finally, the peacock came by, notice his comb, he’s a real pretty bird, but would be a good meal for the bobcat.  I have no idea where this bird came from or how long he’s been gone.  We’ll see how long he stays around.

More Outdoors Pictures, April 25, 2014

More turkey hens graced my “backyard”, but I caught this gobbler wooing and finally succeeding with one of the hens, right in my “backyard” of all things.  Impervious to the clicking of the camera, really I shot these pictures through the kitchen window!  I made these pictures on April 19th.
Laura came out Wednesday afternoon and as she was looking out the kitchen window she spied another turkey hen, she watched it for a while, then still looking out the window, she exclaimed, “Poppy, I see something outside that doesn’t compute, what is it?”  Looking outside, I exclaimed too, “That’s a peacock, wonder what’s it’s doing walking in the field, I bet it’s going to the feeder?”  We watched as it walked past some brush and was lost to sight, on it’s way to the corner feeder (probably).
I took these 2 pictures as it was walking.  This was a first for me seeing a peacock!

More Outdoors Pictures, March 16, 2014

The pics started off with a very strange one (all the pics were shot through my kitchen window)!  A doe was walking across my field and a bobcat had just caught a big mouse, at the same instant, I saw the doe and grabbed my camera, I caught both, but the doe didn’t pay any attention to the bob and the bobcat scampered off for better cover!  Notice the rain gauge.

The next pics are from last week and both show 6 doe, but in the different parts of the field.  The first is just behind the fence that runs along the back of the house.  The second is in the far left corner of the field, for perspective the rain gauge is shown.  These doe are almost down to the shooting range.
More on the rain gauge, it’s been almost dry all year, there’s been only a smidgen of moisture this year!  Yesterday we had a good chance of rain, but it just missed us.  It popped up in Hamilton County, passed through Coryell County, then on through McClennan County (Waco), then points east.  We need a lot of rain!