More Outdoors Pictures, April 25, 2014

More turkey hens graced my “backyard”, but I caught this gobbler wooing and finally succeeding with one of the hens, right in my “backyard” of all things.  Impervious to the clicking of the camera, really I shot these pictures through the kitchen window!  I made these pictures on April 19th.
Laura came out Wednesday afternoon and as she was looking out the kitchen window she spied another turkey hen, she watched it for a while, then still looking out the window, she exclaimed, “Poppy, I see something outside that doesn’t compute, what is it?”  Looking outside, I exclaimed too, “That’s a peacock, wonder what’s it’s doing walking in the field, I bet it’s going to the feeder?”  We watched as it walked past some brush and was lost to sight, on it’s way to the corner feeder (probably).
I took these 2 pictures as it was walking.  This was a first for me seeing a peacock!