More Outdoors Pictures, March 16, 2014

The pics started off with a very strange one (all the pics were shot through my kitchen window)!  A doe was walking across my field and a bobcat had just caught a big mouse, at the same instant, I saw the doe and grabbed my camera, I caught both, but the doe didn’t pay any attention to the bob and the bobcat scampered off for better cover!  Notice the rain gauge.

The next pics are from last week and both show 6 doe, but in the different parts of the field.  The first is just behind the fence that runs along the back of the house.  The second is in the far left corner of the field, for perspective the rain gauge is shown.  These doe are almost down to the shooting range.
More on the rain gauge, it’s been almost dry all year, there’s been only a smidgen of moisture this year!  Yesterday we had a good chance of rain, but it just missed us.  It popped up in Hamilton County, passed through Coryell County, then on through McClennan County (Waco), then points east.  We need a lot of rain!