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More Outdoors Pictures

My Granddaughter, Rebekah, sent me this picture of a bobcat and her cubs in their den in an old, hollow tree. Around here, bobcats are poison on young, sheep and goats keeping both State and Federal trappers busy.

Randy Strait, one of my old hunting buddies, sent me these pictures of, of all things, a ground blind made with mirrors. I bet it would be very hard to find!

Randy Pfaff forwarded me a picture of a huge ‘gator, crossing a Florida road, with a feral pig in its mouth. It would be a true, trophy, but, something bigger took a bite out of its tail.

Another good one he sent me was of this truly outstanding bighorn sheep that was found dead and decomposed. Great horns! I believe this one had a full curl.

Talk About A Coincidence

My Granddaughter, Rebekah, sent me several outdoor pictures and one of them was of 3 geese coming in before sun up and the more I looked at it, the more it seemed to me that I’d been there before.
This picture, facing east, could have been made on my old lease on the Katy Prairie, west of Houston and ‘Bekah’s Dad, Randy, and I hunted regularly out there. There are power lines running across it, some low trees are pictured, the terrain has a slight rise, a marshy pond can be seen in the lower right and looking east toward the sunrise, the skyline of Houston would be just below the horizon.
This picture taken in 1983 is of me and some fulvous tree ducks and was made on the lease and looks north. Power lines and low trees can be seen in the background and I’m facing the marshy pond.

Both of these pictures show a slight rise to the northeast, that on the Katy Prairie, generally indicates a salt dome below the surface and both could have been taken at almost the same spot! The slight rise is the item that attracted my interest.

Wow, talk about a coincidence!

Outdoors Pictures

I’m still getting a lot of pictures about our great, sporting outdoors and the following are some of the real good ones!
A cousin in Arkansas sent me this one heralding springtime (according to AlGore).

Randy Pfaff sent me this one of a south Texas rattlesnake. It is BIG even for Texas! The hunter doesn’t even have on any snake-guards. Maybe he took them off for the pic?

Randy sent me another one of a huge white tail buck shot this past season near Junction, Texas. He had no information on the buck age, weight, etc, but I’ll bet it was from a high fence ranch, maybe even a “brood” buck?

Outdoors Pictures

Knowing about this blog, a lot of folks send me some pretty neat wildlife pictures and I gather them up and post the most interesting. Some recent ones follow.
{Clayton Gist}, a Goldthwaite local, trapped two more Bobcats. That makes 4 he gotten this year. I’m sure he’s a favorite of the goat and sheep ranchers!
My Daughter, Suzanne, sent me this picture of a huge 30+ point buck taken in Wisconsin, supposedly, by a 14 year old Amish boy armed with a homemade longbow!

Dave Lazor, a softball buddy, sent me this picture of a 260 pound, mountain lion, that was hit by a car, west of Aspermont, in the middle of the Texas panhandle. I don’t know who the lucky ‘hunter’, or driver, is, but that’s some lion!

Randy Pfaff sent me this unusual picture of a big, white tail buck on ice in the middle of a river. Also this “shooter” snapped from his back porch.

Pictures From Randy Pfaff, Outfitter, Colorado



Warren was guided on his hunt for this fine Muley by Randy Pfaff. Randy sent me pictures of some of his client’s successful hunts this year including one of his son Adam and his Bighorn Sheep. Obviously, the huge, muley was photographed and not rifle. Randy’s e-mail is







Deer Pictures

Our scouting, hunting and preparations for this deer season has afforded us a good chance to get some interesting pictures of some does and yearlings.The bucks just won’t sit still for a picture.




The Water Hole

Late yesterday afternoon, I set up behind a big mesquite and just watched a concrete water tank to see what would come in for a drink. The tank is fed with water piped in from a shallow, 60’ well, that’s used only for livestock and the garden. This well has been in use since the old rock house on my place was built in 1920.


First up was a young doe that hadn’t dropped her fawn. On this hot day, it looks like she is trying to climb into the water.


Next up was one of the “big does” we rarely see during hunting season. She appeared to already have dropped her twin fawns.

Staying around until dark, these were the only two deer that came into water. I thought I would see some horns! Maybe tomorrow?