Sittin’ On The Water

The last time I used my eleven plastic decoys was in a fresh water pond, near Greens Cut, just off of the Intercoastal Waterway, west of Tiki Island. Dana Sawyer’s brother-in-law, Jerry Feagin, had asked me to accompany him to this special spot, for in his words, “Some fabulous Duck hunting.”

To get to this “fabulous” spot required a five mile trip, in the dark, west on the Intercoastal; then up Hall’s Bayou, crossing over a reef that at high tide had twelve inches of water covering it, navigate through, Hall’s Lake, anchor the boat, carry guns, shells and decoys, up and over a lake dam to our destination. Remember, all of this in the dark!

Our destination was a fresh water lake, the only fresh water on the mainland side that bordered West Galveston Bay. We were told the next fresh water pond was over five miles to the west. Ducks need to drink fresh water daily. Finally arriving at our spot, our only problem was literally bouncing Dana’s twenty-three foot fishing boat over the shallow reef in the bayou. It is a wonder we didn’t permanently damage the lower unit!

In the blind, with the decoys in the water, we loaded our guns with the “new” steel shot, Jerry, a twelve gauge, pump and me a, 12 gauge, O/U, that I used for shooting doubles in Trap. We weren’t sure about the killing power of the new shot, but it was now the law, and now, I know, fifteen years later, it has really helped the Goose and Duck population!

As it got light, we both noticed some “No Trespassing” signs posted strategically around the lake. Jerry said, “Those are new to me.” We quickly forgot the signs as the Ducks poured into the fresh water. The first bunch, Gadwalls, swished into our decoys and Jerry let loose on them seriously wounding some of my decoys and hitting two Gadwalls on the water. As the remaining Ducks took to flight I shot and knocked one down,

Admonishing Jerry for “pot shooting” the ducks and probably ruining some of my decoys, we reloaded as more Gadwalls swarmed us. We both raised up and Bam, Bam, Jerry shot and knocked down one Duck and nothing happened when I pulled the trigger. Obviously, there was serious damage to my gun.

I could only sit and watch as Jerry shot several more Ducks and finally I said it was ceasing to be any fun for me and we better head back. Two of my decoys had sunk and another was riding low on the water, which didn’t help matters. Our trip back was uneventful and I let Jerry have all of the ducks and I thought, this is the last time I will ever use these decoys. I’ll retire what’s left of them and buy me some more, which I did.

The large, steel shot, BB’s” that were recommended for ducks, really tore up my decoys. Two were shot beyond repair and one I successfully repaired, I think lead, number six, shot wouldn’t have done as much damage! But anyway, he shouldn’t have shot the Ducks sittin’ on the water!

My real nice, over and under was easy for a gunsmith to fix a broken trigger sear.