High Wind And A Lot Of Doves

Last Sunday morning, after Bible Study Class, Warren Blesh, owner of{ RRR Trophy Ranch,} mentioned that his ranch was covered up with mourning doves and was looking for some hunters to come out and help alleviate his problem.  Immediately volunteering, I asked him what time and “4:30 PM” was his short reply.

Sunday afternoon was windy, sunny and bright as three other hunters and myself, all good Baptists, showed up and Warren took us out and strategically placed us around a just planted, winter wheat, field. And, wouldn’t you know it, here came the doves from their roosts, south of Warren’s property, riding a 25, gusting to 35 MPH, wind.

Under normal conditions, mourning doves provide a very difficult target, but with the high wind, our scoring shots dropped to beginner’s numbers.  I still rate myself a good wing shot, but my first 5 were clear misses! Â

My numbers were echoed by all 5 shooters and at the end of the hunt we tallied 24 birds and ‘admitted’ to over 70 shots.  Excuses flowed, the sun was too bright, the wind made hitting them almost impossible or the trees obstructed the shots, but there are still hundreds of doves on the ranch.

We’ll try our luck again and then have a big dove cook out.  We’d better get some more or we’ll go hungry!
Maybe I’ll even get some good pictures?