Fencing The Feeder

The State of Texas allows hunters to “bait” or feed deer. Some states don’t allow this practice, but when in Rome etc. Real big, bucks generally will not come into feeders but they draw many doe and spikes, so we do have corn feeders near some deer blinds on our ranch. During the 2008/09 season on the ranch we shot 8 doe, 2 spikes and one 15 pointer, see my November 12, 2008 post, “[Randy’s Big ‘Un]” and last year we added 4 doe and two spikes. The feeders pay off!

The best deer hunting on our ranch is in what we call the back part and earlier this year we decided to open it up for the cattle to graze in. Besides food plots there was one corn feeder near a tree stand and corn feeders and cows just don’t mix because eventually they’ll just turn the feeder over. The solution to this is to put a fence around the feeder and yesterday Layla and I completed this project.

Here’s a pictures of the empty feeder before we put up the fence. Building it wasn’t hard but two operations of the installation require two people. One is holding up the fence posts before they’re driven into the ground and the other is holding up the 20’, hog wire, panels during attachment to the posts.

After a couple of hours work, here’s the finished product.