Deer Season, December 16, 2011

The last 4 days, Sunday through Thursday, have been drippy wet!  Not so much rain, but warm and foggy, misty, along with a few showers and all of this moisture totaled .8 inches of rain, Praise The Lord!  Around noon on Tuesday, during one of the breaks in the weather, I went out and sat in the mist for over an hour, seeing nothing, my hopes were high that I’d see a shooter, or even a spike, but nothing.

Not knowing if he’d been shot or not and hearing tales that maybe he’d been hit by a vehicle, the big 8 pointer, that I call “Pot Belly” showed up yesterday morning at 7:25 AM and stayed around for 12 minutes.  Both “shots” show him to be healthy, however, all this running around during the rut has trimmed his “pot” and now he’s a svelte, big buck!
Funny thing, this morning found me in Layla’s blind, where “Pot Belly” stopped by yesterday.  Climbing into the blind before the sun was up, I barely cracked a sliding window just enough to get the gun and camera lens outside and waited.  Just after sun up this nice 8 pointer came by, he’s young, but by next year he should be a nice one.

Then, after the feeder went off, up came a young 6 pointer, the 8 was still around and I got this nice “shot” of both of them.

The 8 trotted off in his quest for a hot, doe, but the 6 thought he’d stay around for some of the protein and corn.  Being lucky, having the camera out and focused, I took this “shot” of the 6 balancing on his hind legs and attacking the corn thrower. This one is smart, having figured out where the food comes from!

I wonder where I’ll be before the sun comes up tomorrow morning?