Sun up yesterday, a light mist was falling, as I climbed up into a tree stand on my ranch. No deer were moving and I really didn’t expect to see anything, but below me, all of a sudden, a yearling walked out on to the trail, crooked its ears down the trail and quickly scampered off back into the thick stuff, too fast for me to get a picture. The wind was in my face blowing off of the young deer, so he must have heard something!
That ‘something’ was a 1-1/2 year old, 4 pointer that walked under my tree and started nibbling on the acorns.

Because of the branches it was difficult o get a good picture of him, but I ‘shot’ one through the limbs.
Then he walked through an open space and I got this picture. He looks very healthy and maybe he’ll grow into 10 pointer in two or three years.