A Tasty Recipe

In Texas, quail season starts shortly and my good friend, Bob Baugh, sent me a recipe for quail and wanted me to post it on Outdoor Odyssey. Vouching for the recipe and having enjoyed it many times, the quail are delicious and it’s also very good on doves too!
Quail Jon
“Every good blog needs recipes to add spice for the readers so here is the first recipe for you
Jon and I started bird hunting together back in the early 80’s on a deer lease we had just east of Brady, Texas. While the deer hunting entertained the rest of the hunters on the lease, Jon and I would sleep in and have a good breakfast while the rest of the hunters sat in a blind and enjoyed the cold weather. After the sun was up and the chill was off, we would embark on our style of hunting. It was always enjoyable to watch the dogs work and find a covey of birds. Jon and I had many a successful hunt and after cleaning the birds, Jon had a favorite way of preparing quail or Bobwhites as we called them.

12 cleaned quail
2 cans Rotel (Mild or Hot your choice)
Salt, Pepper to taste
1 onion coarsely chopped
1/2 bell pepper coarsely chopped
3 tsp garlic
1 beer (Miller Lite)
Salt and pepper each bird and place in large baking pan. Spread onions, garlic and bell pepper evenly over birds and pour Rotel over birds.
Seal pan with foil and place in 350 degree oven for 60 minutes. Quail should be tender when done.
Serve with sauce from pan
I almost forgot the beer! That’s for me to drink while I watched Jon cook

Enjoy !!!!”
Personally, I call this recipe Steamed Quail.