More Outdoors Pictures, May 22, 2012

This past Saturday afternoon, after driving home from Pensacola, Florida and playing in a Senior Softball tournament, the first thing I did was check my game cams.  Nothing special, the doe are still very pregnant and the bucks are still growing their horns, but one thing was kinda’ funny.  Having seen some hog rootings and droppings around the water trough, maybe there was a “shot” in the camera.  Only a single one and it’s not clear if it was a hog or a big coon, my guess a coon.

The next day, a very pregnant doe and last year’s fawn, now a yearling buck, showed up for a drink.

Something scared this young one, maybe the camera going off, but it definitely is not a pregnant doe.  That night at the feeder 2 “new” doe showed up.
This is a “shot” of one of the “most ready to deliver” doe I’ve seen.  The fawn only has to fall then she’ll have it.

Two more “new” doe showed up at the feeder, both of these look long legged, they are young and from their size, will only have one fawn.