More Outdoors Pictures, May 19, 2012

On Tuesday, May 8th, I put back out my game cameras, ending a 2, month break.  Right now there’s not many startling pictures, because the bucks around here have stubby horns, see below, and are still in velvet.  By late August or early September, horn development will end.

Driving home this past Wednesday morning from our church’s men’s prayer meeting, to my left as I was coming on to my property, standing in the tall grass was a fine buck.  His antlers were only half grown out, but he looked funny with his legs covered up, standing in the tall grass.  No pictures of course, but so far this year we’ve had 13 inches of rain – Praise The Lord, almost our yearly total!

On Christmas day we have a rule, No Deer Hunting, but, the cameras were grinding away, showing this good, wide buck chasing a couple of small deer.  The deer on the left, the lighter one, was one of this year’s fawns, barely a yearling, but apparently she was in heat, because the buck was in full pursuit mode.  The deer on the right is a button buck.  This picture is so good I have set it up as my desktop background.

So the buck chased her and I’ve heard that a doe will choose the buck to mate with, this is a good one, so, from the look of the same doe, pictured below, some buck caught up with her.  If it was the one giving chase, with a 200, day gestation period, she will deliver any time now.

Two older doe are shown, both being ready to deliver, maybe they already have?