More Outdoors Pictures, January 20, 2011

Putting a game cam near the feeder that is close to the tree stand, I didn’t expect much, just a lot of doe.  When I picked up the game cams and shut them down for now, there were pics of several bucks, a couple of them that had survived the season, were pretty good ones.

First there was a six pointer, a 2-1/2 year old that had picked on a bigger deer and got a couple of his tines broken off.  He kinda’ took over the feeder.  He showed up before midnight on Christmas day and since then has been a regular customer.


Then on January 11th, the motion sensor worked and these good, long horns appeared.  It was a good one, a shooter for this past season          and for next year too!

Thinking the one spike that I saw opening morning had been shot during the past season, all of a sudden, it turned up on the 13th.  We’ll get him next season, but I hope he hasn’t gone nocturnal.

On the 16th a new buck, another survivor, showed up.  It’s a young one, but with another years growth, should be a shooter and have much better horns next year.

Including me, this past season, hunters that I had talked to, within a couple of miles of my ranch, shot 5 nice bucks and I was worried that next season would be a little light on the buck side.  However, seeing the pics from the game cams and with the 1 buck limit our fine State has hung around our necks, I bet that next season will be a good one too!

Within a month, I will place one game cam along a well used trail and see what comes along and the other will be on a feeder, hopefully, checking for turkeys.  Maybe, I “need” one or two more?