Deep Freeze

Our latest norther, cold snap for non-Texicans, came in on Tuesday and really let itself be known overnight. A north wind, with light rain and chilling 23 degree, temperatures put the deep freeze on our part of the state. Because of the ice, school openings and business activities were delayed, and folks like me that had plans for outdoor work, postponed those until later in the day

A thin coat of ice covered every thing; our cars, the mesquite trees and even the gutters on my house froze up! One good thing was the moisture. We didn’t get any downpours of                                            rain but we did have a steady mist all day                                                              Tuesday and early Wednesday morning that gave us the ice.


This kind of weather is unusual around here, but it’ll be back up in the mid 60’s by tomorrow. Just think, we didn’t even get any snow!