A Trip To Cabela’s

Our new President said that he wouldn’t come after our guns. He never said anything about using taxes to inhibit ammunition sales. I wonder why ‘the media’ never probed for this? I did find out what Texans are doing about it!

Living in a small town, like Goldthwaite, far away from the traffic and congestion of a big city, has many benefits, but there are some things missing – some things like Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountain. Keeping a running list of items needed from Cabela’s, I got to stop by there this past Monday and was I surprised.

Brad and I had traveled down to San Antonio to meet with his doctors and after lunch with my youngest son, Randy, in San Marcos, we stopped by Cabela’s, in Buda, to pick up .22, .22 Mag and .17 HMR ammo and stock up on reloading supplies. Buda, for the uninformed, is 16 miles south of Austin on I-35.

It was mid Monday afternoon, but where everyone should have been out working, they were in the gun/ammo department. It looked like a Saturday! We found and picked out the items we needed, loaded them into our shopping cart and then went over to the gun cases to get some small pistol primers and Unique gun powder.

The salesman did a perfunctory look under the counter, but we could see that the powder stocks were woefully low and that they were out of Unique. He added that there were shotgun primers, but no small pistol ones and that their stocks had been pummeled since Christmas.

Looks like everyone is trying to beat the big tax increase on ammo and reloading supplies! For sure, it’s coming and we won’t have anything to say about it, so stock up all the ‘stuff’ now and let’s hope we can roll it back in 2 years!