18 Deer

Just before sundown, Sunday afternoon, I looked out into my Sudan grass field and counted 17 deer feeding. Saturday morning there were only 16 feeding in it, but I didn’t have a camera handy.

Not having a suitable wide angle, lens, I couldn’t get all of them in one picture. It took 3 shots, pictures that is, to capture most of them.

Six Deer and one fawn, with the fawn on the right side of the group. It is a tiny one and just shows as a smudge (kinda).


Six more. Both of these two pictures show does that are very close to dropping their fawns.


Two more deer, and, surprise, one in the back ground, that initially, I didn’t see. Three had gone trotting off and I couldn’t get a good picture of them, so, I guess, there were 18 deer all told.


We are going to have to get real busy come this hunting season!