More Outdoors Pictures, July 3, 2013

Something neat happened on June 12th, a pair of ring necked dove, along with a squirrel, showed up for a “shot”.  This was neat because for the past 3 plus years and all the “shots” taken during this time I had never got one of a ring necked dove.  It’s true that these dove will take over roosting places from both white wings and mourners, but they are wonderful table fare and on top of that, they are much bigger than white wings.

Then, at the water trough on June 28th, a doe and her fawn showed up for a drink.  This fawn is around 3 weeks old, has grown some, but still depends on the doe for survival.

With it’s horns formed, the buck, pictured on July 1st, now shows final development, he will be wide, an 8 pointer, with definitely good genes.  It’s a real shame that without a lot of luck, he will be harvested this next season.  He’s 4-1/2 this year and he’d be a mighty buck next year and the year after.

The buck in the background will be a nice one this season too, but he’ll only have 6 points.  I haven’t guessed his age yet, but he’s probably 3-1/2.