More Outdoors Pictures, July 3, 2012

This doe in the background is irritated about something, who knows what?  Maybe the other doe is a stranger?  Maybe she’s eating out of turn? Maybe, maybe maybe, but who knows?

Switching to the water trough, everything needs a drink and this bobcat starts it off.  You know it’s funny that when goats and sheep start dropping their young, bobcats show up, the same with doe, they’re all dropping fawns now and the bobs know it.

Right after the bobcat, up shows the comedy group, a coon and her young, all the animals are reproducing their species now!

Later in the afternoon that day what shows up, but a buzzard.  You never think of them needing water, but they must.

The big bucks are growing their horns!  The first one will be an 8 at least and the second a wide 6, maybe both will add some points when they fill out?
And finally, of all things, a snake, unknown variety, shows up and probably makes this very pregnant doe hesitant to get water.  This is the first “shot” of a snake getting water and I know that the last 2 weeks have been extremely hot, but we had showers the last 2 days, cooling things off, but a snake getting a drink, that’s a first!