More Outdoors Pictures, July 25, 2011

For months since last spring, the entire southwestern United States has been under severe drought conditions, so it dawned on me, that with no rain, the price of cattle dropping and food crops non existent, I’d better start feeding the deer and other wildlife. So, Tuesday, after many trials and tribulations that included buying a complete new feeder, I finally fixed the old one and I’ll just use the new one in another spot.

Starting up the feeder and throwing two loads of corn, it dawned on me that it was time to unlimber my game cameras too.  Putting one on the feeder and the other on a rock, water trough, the water being the only available in a half-mile radius, we’d just see what showed up.  Not being able to withstand the pressure, after the first night I just had to check one of them.  Picking the water trough, not two hours after I installed the camera, up showed two young, doe with their two fawns, then ten minutes later I got this good, “shot” of  two fawns, one fawn jumping over the trough.
Then, just after 1:00 AM, on the 23rd, up shows a young, buck, one I’d never seen before.  Last week, driving down the County Road, a real nice 10 pointer jumped the fence on to my property, first time to see him too, but he hasn’t come to the water yet!

Then at 3:00 AM, three doe showed up for water.  Right after them a spike showed up, but the “shot” was too blurry.

With no rain, it’s useless to plant any food plots, so this week, I’ll crank up another feeder, loading it with corn and protein pellets.