Getting Ready To Vote

Early November in central Texas doesn’t mean voting, but you can rest assured Texans will turn out in mass to cast their ballot for McCain/Palin, mostly absentee ballots though, because early November means the opening of deer season!

The opening of deer season around here means that a good amount of work will have to be done and that work will start on Monday, September 29.

The corn feeders are full and feeding.


The food plots will have winter wheat and I have to get this in by next Friday. Next comes clearing of the roads, cleaning out the blinds, then clearing shooting lanes and new growth around the blinds. We have been scouting, but I’ll start going out early and late just to see what’s moving around.

Layla and I will still follow our Grandkids and their sports, but there will be no more early morning walks for conditioning, just walking around the ranch and scouting. Except for ‘The Boss’ our hummingbirds have headed south. We’ll stop feeding them next week and our concentration will be on getting ready for deer season.

The last thing done around here is traditional – the sighting in of our rifles on Friday morning before opening day. Never mind we sighted them in last spring, but better be safe than sorry!


This is the most important general election in our Nations history so go out and vote, or cast your absentee ballot, for McCain/Palin and each of us do what we can to get them elected and protect out gun ownership and hunting rights!