Talk About A Coincidence

My Granddaughter, Rebekah, sent me several outdoor pictures and one of them was of 3 geese coming in before sun up and the more I looked at it, the more it seemed to me that I’d been there before.
This picture, facing east, could have been made on my old lease on the Katy Prairie, west of Houston and ‘Bekah’s Dad, Randy, and I hunted regularly out there. There are power lines running across it, some low trees are pictured, the terrain has a slight rise, a marshy pond can be seen in the lower right and looking east toward the sunrise, the skyline of Houston would be just below the horizon.
This picture taken in 1983 is of me and some fulvous tree ducks and was made on the lease and looks north. Power lines and low trees can be seen in the background and I’m facing the marshy pond.

Both of these pictures show a slight rise to the northeast, that on the Katy Prairie, generally indicates a salt dome below the surface and both could have been taken at almost the same spot! The slight rise is the item that attracted my interest.

Wow, talk about a coincidence!