Last night, with Layla getting over her case of flu, the doc said it was allergies I went out, stayed after dark and waited for a hog, the infamous black hog to show up.  My wait was in vain because it never showed, however one of my food plots bore the damage a full size hog can wreck upon it!

As I waited for the sun to set, with sweat pouring off me, it was 92 around here yesterday I snapped this “shot” of all the undergrowth around MaMaws blind, that means a lot of clean up for me.

Then, a good buck, the young 8 pointer with short brow tines walked up and looked the place over.  As I’ve said before, “If he makes it past this season, he’ll be a good one!”
No hogs, but my red hunting light worked just fine, probably Saturday evening, I’ll try again.

Now for something unusual, this past Monday, my daughter Suzanne, who teaches third grade in Paris, Texas, sent me a picture of this bobcat, a male and very healthy, that had caught himself in the school’s soccer net.  She took this picture of the cat just before a maintenance man cut him down. I bet the cat and all scattered quickly when he was cut loose!