More Outdoors Pictures, September 25, 2012

Sometimes I get some real good “shots” of the wild game that comes into the feeders and the water trough.  This “shot” shows the “Lop Sided Buck”, see my post of [August 17, 2012] that describes just how this buck got lopsided.  Here he’s running off some competitors, younger deer, at a feeder and he’s pretty serious!

There’s a first time for everything and this “shot” shows a young coon ambling off and a skunk getting water, this is a first for a skunk getting water.  The coon better hurry or else it’ll get a good stinking.

The first time the hog, a black one, showed, August 27, 2012, it was just scouting and didn’t come into the feeder enclosure.  Then, a 2 tone, hog showed up on September 18th and “my” black one actually came into the feeder enclosure on the 20th.  Still, I haven’t come across a “shot” at the water trough, but maybe I’ll get a real shot at him soon!
Then on September 20th, the doe on the right, obviously the dominant doe, is plum serious about something and it looks like the one on the left is “cowed” by her, since her ears are back.

Two “shots” of a neat occurrence, on one the fox squirrel has taken off from the safety of the feeder post and is “flying” through the air and on the other one it’s head first for some corn.  These squirrels are small and not the flying (better said, “Gliding variety”) variety, but their antics around the feeder are neat!