A Multiplier

On the 28th I went around an collected the memory cards from the game cameras and I found some very interesting, almost astounding, “shots”.  It seems that not only did I get some “shots” of hogs, but also some of turkeys!

First the hogs came, on the 24th the black one that I’ve seen before brought 2 of his friends then they came back on the 26th.  Remember in my last post I was sweating as I waited out the hogs, but they never came.
Then a Rio Grande turkey showed up leaving the water trough.  That’s not too unusual, but this late in the year it’s strange because most of the time they’ve already moved down towards the Colorado River.  The hens raise their young around here then go on down toward the river, but two mornings, yes mornings because the time is shown wrong on the “shot” and I can tell by the shadows it’s morning, two mornings later the hen brought her whole brood up for a drink.
We’ve seen this brood before, several times before when they were about half the size they are now.  It is said that turkey hens will come back to where they were raised to, in turn, raise their chicks.  If so, that means for a couple of years we should have some good turkey hunting!