The True Definition Of Grit

It is said that in the things Texans do and the way they accomplish difficult tasks that they have grit.  This grit was shown to all of us this past weekend on the RRR Ranch in Mills County, Texas where Dale Allen, Mickey Donahoo and Warren Blesh, the owner of RRR, combined to shoot a doe.  What makes this a showing of grit is that Dale Allen, the shooter, is BLIND!

Previously Mickey had rigged up a .243 rifle with a laser sight and Dale had been hesitant to try and bag a deer, but on this past Saturday afternoon, he and Mickey went out to Warren’s, RRR and harvested a doe.   Dale shouldered the gun and on Mickey’s instructions, moved it up, down, to the right or left.

Out came a doe and it was moving and lasing it was difficult, then Warren gave out a whistle, it stopped and when the laser dot was centered on the doe’s shoulder Mickey said, “Fire” and the results are shown in the picture below, Dale is on the left and Mickey, right.

This is an outstanding achievement, almost miraculous and displays a lot of grit!