Deer Season Ends, 2010

Sunday, January 2, 2011 our white tail deer season ended with, not quite a bang!  We chalked up 3 doe and 2 bucks, with Tim Albee getting a doe on the last day.  Because of timing, I didn’t get a pic of the last doe.

Starting things off, I shot this nice buck on November 12.

Then Tim bagged one with his black powder rifle on November 21.

Mickey Donahoo harvested these 2 doe, one on December 10 and the other on December 13.
Overall, in spite of effort, my Grandkids didn’t score this year, but maybe 2011 will be better.  Speaking of better, we will have our Mills County, “Wounded Warrior” hunt on January 8th and it should be an awesome experience, allowing us in a small way to pay back those troops who have given so much to our Country!