Wounded Warrior Hunt, 8 Jan 2011

Coinciding with our State’s Special Late General Season Deer Hunt, today, many ranches in Mills County will be hosting our first annual, Wounded Warrior Hunt. It’s for U.S Army troopers from Ft. Hood, the Warrior Transition Brigade and shows our County’s appreciation for those that have been wounded in combat. It is my understanding that this hunt, organized by Steve Bridges, Editor of The Goldthwaite Eagle, will be the biggest one in our Country for these wounded troopers.

Each ranch participating in this event will supply a hunting guide; an appropriate blind, either a ground blind for those will mobility problems or an elevated one, a good deer rifle and The Eagle will provide a goodie bag for each participant. Also, there is a State, Game Warden’s School in our County and the students and instructors will be participating and providing a fish fry after the hunt. My Son, Randy and Tim Albee will be coming up to offer their services and Tim is bringing along 2 volunteers to help with the video of the hunt.

It’s a big deal for our County and there will be lots of pictures, pictures of the deer harvested and pictures of the fellowship before and after the hunt, but keeping everything in perspective, it’s the least we can do for those that have given so much!