The Stimulus Package

Being a Christian, a hunter and a fisherman is my choice of ‘things’ I prefer, not politics. But at times like this, especially this ridiculous Stimulus Package, our great silent majority needs to stand up and be heard. Saturday I sent the following e-mail to one of my Texas Senators, John Cornyn, a member of the Senate Finance Committee. I also sent a very similar one to our other Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

“Subject: The Stimulus Package
I know that I don’t have to tell you that the bill passed by the Democrats in the House this past week provides very little stimulus to our economy! However, it does stimulate the various special interests groups that were crucial to the Democrat Party’s win this past November. The Wall Street Journal calls it the list of forty years of pent up Democrat demand!

Senator Cornyn, in your position on the Senate finance Committee, I certainly hope you can ‘drum’ it in the rest of the committee members heads, that we don’t need a stimulus package like this one, we need meaningful tax cuts. Tax cuts like the elimination of the capital gains tax, the reduction or elimination the business tax, the making permanent of the Bush tax cuts, all coupled with an elimination of wasteful spending (that last item is kind of an oxymoron).

Thank you for being a conservative voice for our Senate and thank you for all you have done for the State of Texas!
Jon Bryan
121 County Rd. 406
Goldthwaite, Texas 76844″
Everyone should ‘burn up the internet’ with e-mails or faxes to their Senators about this farce of a Stimulus Package and we, perhaps, can bring some sanity to this ‘astute’ group. Maybe that’s an oxymoron too!