A New Toy

In 1971 while I was on a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico, thieves entered my house and stole all of my long guns, a brand new TV set and loaded them into my brand new Buick Electra 225 and drove off with everything. Telling the story about the robbery in Arizona Ducks, I said at the time, “I Should’a engraved my SS Number on everything. Making a point to get me an engraving tool.

Never having been a procrastinator, I suddenly became one, or else it just slipped my mind. One of my daughters, Suzanne, fixed this for me and for Christmas 2008, gave me an engraving tool, pictured below. Just think it only took 37 years for me to get one!

Having been very lucky these past years and not having experienced another theft, I can proudly announce that my Social Security Number is now engraved on each of the multiple long guns and pistols that I own. Better late than never!