Texans Win State Championship

This past weekend in Dallas, The Texans, for this tournament managed by Stumpy, won the Texas Senior Softball Championship for the 70 plus, age bracket. Stumpy filled in for the manager who was celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. Some things take precedence over softball!

The Texans managed to lose their first game of the double elimination tournament, but put together 5 straight wins to earn the championship. They not only had to overcome the other teams, but also, for their last 3 games, had to overcome 95 degree, temperatures.

Last Saturday, Stumpy happily received the State Championship trophy from a tournament official. It was bright, hot, windy and humid, but after 5 straight wins, they “breezed” to the championship!

Their record now is 31 wins and 9 losses. Two wins and four losses have been to 65, plus teams.

Their next tournament will be in mid July in Kansas City for the Mid America Championship. Stumpy said, “We’re pretty good, but when we go to KC, we’ll see just how good we really are.”