The New Hatch

Yesterday morning as I went out to “recharge” the hummingbird feeders, I noticed a lot of smaller than usual little critters, darting around. The eggs have hatched, the baby birds are out of the nest and I will now be double busy keeping food in the feeders!

Here comes “The Boss” in for a bite. Notice he’s letting the young birds feed and not running them off.


It was feeding time, for sure, and if you look closely, you can see a Yellow Jacket, along with the Hummingbirds, getting their morning’s nourishment.


Snapping this unusual picture that shows one of the small ones, just to the right of the feeder, hanging on to it and raising up its bill to be fed by Mama. What’s unusual, the young bird had just eaten from the feeder. Old habits are hard to break!

Our Yellow Jacket was still feeding away!