A Summertime Malady

In other parts of our Country, our red bugs, are called chiggers, Trombicula alfreddugesi (Oudemans), but their bite, death and itch can be a real “scratchin” situation, regardless what they’re called for the unprepared or unsuspecting outdoor person. Chiggers are about 1/20 inch long, usually bright red, have hairy bodies, and travel rapidly over the host body.

Being very careful, I’m surprised that I’m the proud owner of 3, BIG, red bug, bites! Each day, before going out to work on my ranch, I always spray the cuffs of my jeans and around my waist, with “elmaxo”, (the strongest), Deep Woods Off, For Outdoorsmen, and I now find myself with 3 serious bites, one on my belt line and one behind each knee. Itch, itch!

When I see a tick on me, they are always hurrying off, but the red bugs stick, bite me, die and leave an incurable itch for 3 or 4 days.

Don’t wear dog or cat flea collars on your ankles or cattle ear tags on your shoes to ward off chiggers. this is very dangerous resulting in chemical skin burns and toxic effect to the wearers.

Red bugs aren’t life threatening so just spray and hope for the best!