Texans Win State Again

In Texas, from the youngest little leaguer to the top rated, high school, football team, winning State means everything! It means bragging rights, trophies, rings and that you are the best of the best, in the best State!

On June 12, despite soggy conditions left over from last Wednesday nights storms that smashed into Dallas, the Texans took two of three games from the Texas Greyhounds, won the State, Senior Softball Championship again and qualified for the 2009, tournament Of Champions. This past January the Texans won their age bracket in this event.

Sluggo accepts the State Championship trophy.

The storm had dropped over eight inches of rain on Dallas in six hours, canceling the first day of the tournament and it was then shortened to the best of three games. In Irving this past March, the Greyhounds had stomped us 18-3 and were primed to repeat. Both teams are rated as “Major” teams with above average ability for seventy to seventy-four age players.

Because of a serious illness in his family, our manager was called away and Sluggo, just back from an injury, managed the team and the team responded. We came out smokin’ and won the first game 14-6. Then the heat, ninety-eight degrees and humidity, one hundred percent, started taking its toll on both teams. The Greyhounds won the second game 7-6 scoring the winning run in the bottom of the seventh on a sac fly.

We came out flat in the third game and trailed 6-1, before shutting down the Greyhounds the rest of the way and rallying in the sixth and seventh for the win.

The Texans’ record is now thirteen wins and two losses. Their next tournament is July 2nd and 3rd in Liberty, Kansas and maybe we’ll keep up our winning ways?