Morning Walk, July 14, 2009

Not having walked for the past eight days, yesterday morning I started to get back into the groove and clipped off a quick two miler.

In the half-light just before the sun peeks over the horizon, right out of my side door this doe was standing just outside of the fence around my  yard.

I got one bad shot of her standing and another of her tail, waving goodbye to me!

Pressing on, as I rounded a curve in the road, there was a horse! He had jumped over a bad section of fence. Not even thinking about a picture, I raised my arms, let out a rebel yell and chased it back over the fence and into its pasture. Its buddies were still grazing and had not made an effort to join him. Straightening up the fence the best that I could without tools, I continued my walk.

This old, still pumping, windmill was probably built around 1920, the same as the one outside of our old house. Almost ninety! I wonder how much stock it has watered over the years?