Morning Walk, June 8, 2009

The deer were thick this past Monday morning. Having just cleared my gate, I looked up and this doe was watching me from about seventy-five yards. She pawed the ground once then took off.

Another three hundred yards, these two were watching for me, my footsteps on the gravel road alerting them. The doe’s tail, on the right, is at half cock and she and her partner bolted right after this shot.

No deer for the next half mile, until the road turned and this doe was crossing, but stood still, watching me. She stayed, eyes glued on me, until I was within a hundred yards, then took off.

My pulled groin muscle is (almost) healed, i don’t feel it grabbing on the inclines and I’ve extended my walks out to almost one and a half miles. These walks are fun, they promote good health, the weather is usually fine, there’s an abundance of wildlife around here that offers some good opportunities for out of season shots of the camera variety.
This Thursday and Friday we have the State Championship, Senior Softball Tournament in Dallas. My “healed” groin will get a good workout there!