Springtime Blizzard

Stumpy and his Senior Softball team, The Texans, traveled to Georgetown, Texas, for the first qualifying tournament of the 2010 season. The Texans won this one with a mark of four wins and one embarrassing loss on Thursday to their old rivals, Texas Greyhounds. However The Texans came back on Friday and beat the Greyhounds in two straight games to capture the winner’s laurels. Now for the rest of the story!

On Friday afternoon, the wind had picked up significantly from the south, meaning here comes another front. Saturday morning in Georgetown, we were greeted by chilling rain, dropping temperatures and a big wind, twenty-five to thirty, out of the north. As the temperature fell, the rain and wind persisted until mid morning. With conditions so bad and a drop in temperatures to near freezing forecasted, having no other choice, Layla cancelled the tournament. But, that wasn’t all.

We called our Daughter, Laura, in Goldthwaite and found out that there were snow flurries along with a chilling rain. Then our Daughter, Suzanne, in Paris, Texas, called and said it was really snowing and coming down hard there. By the time I got home, the rain had stopped, 1.1 inches on my gauge, but there were still flurries of snow, none of it sticking.

Saturday night the temp fell to thirty-one, with a wind chill, because of the high winds accompanying the storm, near zero. Suzanne called on Sunday afternoon and said that it was still snowing in Paris, over 6 inches total and the temp was twenty-eight. Right after her call, a friend in Plano called and said it was still snowing heavily in the Dallas metro area and the temp was below freezing.

All of this cold, snowy weather and Saturday was the first day of spring! Of course, my peach trees were blooming and with eight hours of below freezing temps, no peaches from my trees this year!

So far our local record for the winter of ‘10 remains at four snows and now, one snow on March 20, the first day of spring. Bee Cave Bob’s fearless prediction of a cool snap before Easter, was totally wrong! Anyone know where I can find a good used snow shovel?