March Weather

Long ago, I learned never to plan any outdoor excursions in March!

However, most of this month we’ve had beautiful weather and I thought we’d have an early spring. That was dispelled this past Saturday when the winds really blew, thirty-five to forty miles per! Then the temps dropped to below freezing, it rained and even snowed. The weather cleared and by Sunday afternoon we were in shirt sleeves.

Monday was a workday and I’d planned to go varmint hunting Tuesday afternoon. That is, until the wind blew me out, a steady eighteen to twenty with gusts higher. I doubt if the varmints could even hear the call?

The long range, weather forecast for April 3rd, the opening of spring, turkey season is quite good, moderate temps and no rain. I’ve been busy trying to get my work wrapped up because I need to scout for turkeys in the mornings, scare up a varmint in the late afternoon (or night) and then, pick a cloudy afternoon to try to tie into a big bass. That’s my plan. We’ll see if I can implement it?