Sometimes, March 20, 2010 Version

Trying to keep up with some of the best “lines” that I have posted, I’ve researched them for the past quarter and come up with, not the best, or the funniest, but different categories that vary from profound to confounded.

Sometimes I write profound statements:

The birds were perched on the small branches in the tops of the trees and it never ceases to amaze me, how can those little limbs hold up a big, turkey?

We were told that we would keep all the barracuda that we caught and I didn’t want any part of that.

Back then, early February 1973, Tom Mix wash was rough country, now it is probably million dollar homes!

Men and women were tough and had to be strong just to exist from day to day. Where has all of that strength and toughness gone?

Sometimes I Write About The Weather

Who are we kidding, global warming is a hoax!

All of my life I have tried to beat nature and weather forecasts, and, one more time, I lost again!

Sometimes I try to be funny:

I find it very relaxing playing in the dirt!

When I was 7, his watermelon patch was the scene of my first “crime”.

It was a big, big fish that Carl couldn’t stop. Maybe it was one of those Russian subs?

Sometimes it’s about sports or exercise:

This year The Texans are pumped for a good season having a good, experienced (at our age we have a lots of experience) nucleus.

Sometimes I Write About Indecision

Then I used my head for something other than a hat rack, and figured out what to do.

I’m thinking twice about buying a snow shovel!

Sometimes I just get confounded:

I didn’t have a gunfight this past Wednesday afternoon, however I sure did need a bigger gun!

I even blew on my predator call several times, didn’t wheeze or cough and quickly pronounced myself well! That is until I told Layla where she could find me. Promptly, she told me that in five minutes she better find me back in bed!

Now let’s see what the next quarter holds.