Problems, Problems, Computer Problems

New Year’s resolutions are a necessary evil and I don’t subscribe to them any one bit, but to think that I made a quasi-resolution that I would go on a 5 day, posting schedule, really burns me up! Having made the quasi-resolution I had no idea at all that I would encounter computer problems, I was trying to move all of my stuff to Layla’s PC, with Randy’s help and as someone famous, Robert Burns to be specific, once said something in this regard, “The best laid plans of men and mice sometimes falter and gang awry”

My plans certainly faltered and gang awry, so much for the 5 day posting schedule, but I hope to resume posting somewhat regularly. Maybe not 5 days exactly, but never again will I make a quasi- New Year’s resolution, you see what trouble this led too!

So I’m back on my old computer, just wishing that I had succeeded in switching out the PC’s!