Pistol Practice

One of the best things about owning a chunk of land is to be able to do what you want to on it (within the law). Last month, Brad and I built a pistol range right next to our 100/200, yard rifle range and we spent part of Memorial Day afternoon practicing our pistol shooting.
Here, Brad just finished shooting at his last target.

Out of the thick stuff on my ranch, we cleared about a 50’X50’ space that backed up to an old terrace, a relic of the cotton farming days and we use the terrace as a back stop for our bullets. We went to a friend that has a welding shop and had him cut us out some steel targets. Here are 3 targets backed by the terrace.


A closer look at the targets shows that they have a good base, and the impact of the bullet and gravity, bowl over the target and eliminate any danger of a ricochet. You can clearly see where Brad whacked this one with his .45!


When I shoot the targets with my 9mm, sometimes, not falling over, they just make a soft, bong. Brad’s .45 sends them rolling!

Brad shoots in some local, pistol/rifle/shotgun, shoots and uses our new range for practice, but me, I just like to shoot things!