Sighting In The .17 HMR

Memorial Day afternoon, on my rifle range, Brad and I sighted in my new, Marlin, .17 HMR rifle. My first 3 shots, at 25 yards, produced this group.

Brad is holding a nickel below the group.

Along with being extremely accurate, the rifle functioned perfectly with no miss fed cartridges and a smooth bolt action!


Brad, pictured, thought the trigger pull was a little firm and my only concern, was loading the small cartridges into the clip. There is no hurrying this step!


Producing these results, we both hammered away at the target from 100 yards, firing 16 rounds. The last 3 shots were dead center in the 2” ring.

To help us sight in the rifle and both being, “good ‘ole boys” we taped thin strips of duct tape across the center of the target. One round hit squarely in the center of the perpendicular strip.

This week, I’ll move back to 200 yards!