Opening Day – November 5 2007

Meeting my oldest son, Brad, in Lampassas, early yesterday morning to accompany him to visit his oncologist (more to come on this) at the Lackland AFB hospital in San Antonio, we get a call at 8:00 AM from my youngest Son, Randy, that he has just scored on a nice Deer, a 11 pointer.

Excitedly, he relates the event, “Running late, I drove to near “The Scaffold Blind”, parked and quietly climbed into it and two does were feeding on the scattered corn and not 5 minutes after sitting down, a nice buck crossed the narrow opening behind the corn feeder. Trying to stop the buck, I grunted, “Grunttt,” but the Deer in question kept moving into the brush.”

“To my surprise, not 40 yards away, from out of the thick brush, pops 2 bucks. I see one’s rack is outside of his ears and as he is posturing around looking for the “grunter”, I nail him with a shot right through his heart! Down he flops and taking several deep breaths, I climb out of the stand to admire my prize.”


Randy’s Deer. A nice one! Randy, my Grandson, Sean and Spike, the wonder dog, proudly display the 11 pointer!

Randy shot a good one and I guess it shows that the “old man” doesn’t have to be around, but it does show that he was trained right and he’s training his Son right!