Opening Day – Second Day

After enjoying our respective Church services this morning, my son, Randy, and I had a “fun” hunt this afternoon! Randy is Pastor of the Fellowship Of San Marcos, Baptist Church, in San Marcos, Texas.

Randy wanted to hunt “Poppy’s Blind”, so at 5:00 PM, we headed out. We were late because we both had forgotten about daylight savings time. We had remembered it and set our clocks back, but got to talking and the time just flew by us.

“Sneaking” into “Poppy’s Blind”, sure enough, 2 does were nibbling at the corn on the ground and as Randy tried to get into position, out came a spike on his right. The spike sensed trouble, wheeled and trotted off. When he left the 2 does followed suit.

Randy climbed into the blind and I found a hidden spot and 5 minutes later began rattling. Out came a large doe and her 2 yearlings and began eating. Soon a 4 pointer comes out just as I rattled again. He looked up, paid no attention, and kept eating. A 10 minute wait and I rattled again and the 4 pointer “bulks up”, tries to act like a big Deer, and comes right on in. No shooting, of course.

More rattling, but no shooters came in and near dark we headed back to the Jeep. It is supposed to rain this Tuesday, and maybe, this will trigger the rut?. It is 5 or 6 days until the last quarter of the Moon, maybe then?

More to come.