Morning Walk, September 21, 2010

My morning walk on Monday actually started (some may say) the Sunday evening of September 19th. After coming home from church, I was sitting out on my porch with our pets and looked out over the hay field and there was the melanistic deer feeding away.

Retrieving my camera I got this “shot”.

Being greeted by cool air as I walked outside yesterday morning, the sarcasm in me was thinking, Fall doesn’t start until the 21st and not having walked fifty yards, there was a deer standing in my neighbor’s field.

Maybe this morning the deer will be moving around, but for the mile plus of my walk, there were no more deer.

As I walked back toward the old, ranch house, out in the other end of the field stood the melanistic deer! The doe, mother of the dark one, was standing in the sunshine about fifty yards away. The contrast between the two is fascinating.

Maybe the fawn/yearling is really a melanistic deer