Game Camera

Being a very tight person, I finally invested in a brand new, digital, game camera and last week on the 15th, installed it in one of my corn, feeder pens. Pens, yes, because to keep the cows away from everything, we’ve built fences around them. This feeder wasn’t my first choice of locations, but will be fine for the next couple of weeks.

After installing the camera, I was careful to move away from it outside of the range finder, so no pics of me slinking away, but the first visitor that afternoon was, not the mighty buck I’d been expecting, but a cow.

Friday afternoon was hot and muggy and before cleaning up to go watch Goldthwaite’s homecoming, football game, I took a quick trip out to check on the game cam. Not thinking about the camera’s range, it captured me driving up in the Jeepster.

Sure enough on the morning of the 17th the deer had found the feeder and, because of the human scents in the fenced area, I was not expecting any “shots” of bucks. Here at 8:29 AM a doe is in the pen and her fawns are outside and at 8:39 another doe has jumped in.

Transferring the pics, I even got one of my PC.

At the game Friday night there was a nice rain, the ranch got .3”, but the halftime activities were halted because lightning was detected in the area. Goldthwaite came out smokin’ in the second half and won the game 25-0. This was a hollow victory because three of our starters, my Grandson, Colton included, were held out of the game with injuries. All three were All State last year: a running back that gained over 1900 yards; A middle linebacker, the leading tackler in the State with 211, and a tackle, the team’s second leading tackler!

We always need the rain, but a second bright side is that the human scent will be washed away and when I check the game cam next Friday there should be some buck pics.