Morning Walk, 6-07-09

My walk last Sunday was much more eventful than the last few!

Starting out from my house, I hadn’t walked a quarter of a mile into a nice breeze before I got this “shot” at a nice doe. She was just standing and looking at me. Lately the deer have been in “high gear” by the time I spotted them.

When I returned home, I went to get a drink of water and looked out into the field behind my house and spotted a “trespassing” jackrabbit. Seven jacks will eat as much grass as a full grown, cow so I immediately unlimbered my .22 mag and cut loose on the trespasser.

My first shot rolled it and the second put it away. The field was just planted and the new sprouts clearly show, so I didn’t go out and pick up the rabbit for a “formal” picture.

Measuring my success, it turned out to be just a sight over two hundred yards. I took the shot from a rest on the third post from the left on my back porch.

Practice counts!