An Update On Brad, June 7, 2009

For the past two months Brad has had very bad pain in his back and is under medication for it. In early May, Brad’s oncologist, believing that the pain stemmed from the growth of a tumor on his spine, changed from his routine of taking weekly antibodies, back to FU5 and Taxil. Previously, this combination had made Brad very ill, caused him to loose weight and left him unable to eat. The doc said he didn’t think that a smaller dose, administered continually by pump, would affect him. But, before one week passed Barad became sicker than the first try with the two drugs. He returned to the hospital and told the docs to take out the pump, which they did. He has not been under any treatment, except for pain medication, since mid May.

Now for the good news!

Brad was referred to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and for the past two weeks has been undergoing tests with them. Hopefully, within the next two weeks he will find out what treatments and procedures they will recommend.

About M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, recognized as the premium cancer treatment center in the world, it is an unbelievable place and words don’t provide a true picture of it. First off, it is huge and still growing, by far the largest treatment facility in the Texas Medical Center! It is like a visit to the United Nations, one moment you may see a Muslim woman attired in her burka; a teenager with a skateboard, a business executive or pass by folks speaking a strange, unintelligible tongue. But, these folks all share a common bond, they are cancer patients and are here for treatment.

Brad is at the right place and we pray that it is the right time!

Please keep praying for Brad!