Morning Walk, 5-18-09

Still suffering from the pulled groin muscle (from five weeks ago) I have begun a regimen of slowly walking for up to a mile, not straining the muscle, but just warming it up. When finished, I sit coldly, on an ice pack for twenty minutes. It takes up to eight weeks for a groin to heal, maybe this will speed it up?

Early yesterday as I was going out the side door to begin my morning walk, I noticed movement on the other side of our old house. A closer look showed a skunk was prowling about.

Grabbing my .22 Mag. rifle, carefully staying up-wind, and charging the varmint, two shots later it was done!

After walking down the county road for about four hundred yards, behind a tree stood a big doe. “Oh boy,” I thought, “This will make a great picture!” As I fumbled with the on/off switch, the big girl trotted off into the thick stuff. I’ll be ready next time!

After walking not quite a hundred more yards, with the camera still “on”, there was movement in the brush along the road, “Another skunk” was my thought, as out rushed, of all things, an armadillo.

’Quick drawing’ my camera and ‘firing’ several shots, I got a blurry one of the little armored guy.

It would be something if each mornings walk would be this exciting!