Morning Walk, 5-19-09

What a beautiful day, I thought as I stepped outside for my morning walk. The sun just coming up, no wind and a brisk, cold for late May down here, 52 degrees, our record for today is 47.

I’d have company this morning, my wife, Layla, our dog, Spike, and cat, Bo, would be accompanying me. Having told Layla about Monday’s exciting walk, she was going along today.

We marched out on to the county road and for almost a half, mile saw nothing but two cows. Providing some excitement, the cows rushed the fence trying to get at Spike. These cows hate any dog, or coyote looking animal and, if not for the fence, big trouble for little, Spike!

Nothing, no deer, ‘dillos or skunks showed up on this walk. Just Spike and Bo, tagging along.

We did sound like a traveling, circus going down the road!