More Outdoors Pictures, September 4, 2012

Dove hunting, better called, dove shooting (at) wasn’t very productive!  The birds were flying high, the conditions were hot and windy and to top it off, I couldn’t get comfortable with my new shotgun, but at least, I was hunting something!  Maybe it’ll get better today?

The real story begins with the young 8 pointer chasing a fawn off from the feeder obviously he wanted to enjoy the corn and protein pellets all to himself.  I wonder if this is the same one that he bit last week?

Then the plot thickens a new big buck shows up at the feeder.  This must be one of the three that my neighbor, Lester, told me about last week.  He said the bucks were the biggest he’d seen since he bought this place 20 years ago and that they were huge!  This one qualifies as huge too!  The younger 8, hasn’t seen the big one yet and keeps on feeding.

In this “shot” the smaller 8, sees the bigger one and definitely he appears to be “cowed” by the bigger bucks presence.

Now, after the big buck has eaten his fill and as he leaves, he’s had the feeder all to himself!  Wow, what a buck!